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Harrison Hurwitz Photography


With 15 years experience as a New York City fashion photographer, Harrison brings a fresh, editorial style to wedding images.  His rich black & whites and alternative color appeal to artists, or to people with a deep appreciation of the Arts.

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Hurwitz Photography

Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

Around here we like to play a little game called if-I-could-get-married-all-over-again and let me tell you, we have plan a lot of pretend weddings to even come close to recreating all the prettiness we see on SMP each week. So I'll be kicking off this afternoon's day dreaming session with these gorgeous blooms photographed to perfection by The Youngrens. You like? We'll share even more right here on Monday. But don't worry, we're not...


Sassi Desert Wedding from Harrison Hurwitz Photography

This Arizona wedding is the epitome of the classic, dessert wedding. It's absolutely timeless. It's beyond beautiful. And it's shot by one of our favorites, Harrison Hurwitz Photography. Against the cool colors of the hot Arizona dessert, everything and everyone looks perfect. We are completely in love. This is definitely the kind of wedding little girls dreams are made of. And in the name of wedding daydreaming, let your inner...


Caribbean Wedding In Viequez From Hurwitz Photography

As we said yesterday, when our brides share a bit about who they are, how they came about choosing their wedding venue and other planning details of the day ... well, it just makes it SO much more personal!  Today's featured LBB photographers, Hurwitz Photography asked Nicole and Ryan to fill us in on their amazing day ...

Eeeek! Where do I begin?

How we met?  Ryan and I met...